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2023 New England Fall Foliage

“The very first day at the very furst stop, I missed a curb and literally face planted on the concrete! I thought I had broken my teeth or worse. Janine was right there showing concern and making me feel calm after being shaken up. I thought for sure I had done real damage to my face or knocked out a tooth but all I had was a few scrapes and a split lip. No broken nose, or teeth missing! Best of all, I didn’t break a nail!

Janine is so much fun to travel with. She is very knowledgeable & organized. She is easy to get to know & we loved hearing her stories. You can just tell she loves her job!

Jeff was a fantastic driver! Very experienced! Great personality and having Tink as a mascot was fun too!

Thank you so much Janine for making our vacation fantastic! We definitely would like to travel with you again someday! 5 stars all the way!”

Ken and Linda Pollock
Grinnell, Iowa